Fruit processing services meets standards of exporting agricultural products

Currently, many enterprises exporting agricultural products are facing the problem of choosing agricultural products and processing fruits. In addition, the problem of preserving fruit when exported to consumers still ensures quality.
Huu Tam LLC provides fruit processing services for export from selecting raw materials until exporting, ensuring quality and minimizing loss when reaching consumers.

Steps to select raw material areas meeting standards for processing and exporting agricultural products

In order to obtain a source of quality raw materials, Huu Tam LLC follows the steps to select the proposed raw material area.
Survey: Conduct surveys and collect information from many different material areas to get the best material areas in terms of fruit quality, age, fruit color and other requirements given by customers.
  • Liaise with granaries and collectors to determine the most suitable quantity and price.
  • Coordinating between granaries and purchasing houses to initially monitor and select raw materials in accordance with the standards of processing and exporting agricultural products.

Area meets the standards of exporting of agricultural products

6 Requirements to harvest fruit at the garden:

    1. Proper cutting tools.
    2. Avoid shocks and falls.
    3. Selected according to the standards right at the raw material garden.
    4. Pack in trays or baskets.
    5. Properly packed up.
    6. Shipping on time, route.

Control the quality of input, preliminary processing and packaging of fruits according to the standards of processing and exporting agricultural products.

Employees of Huu Tam LLC cooperate with the barn or export company to check the quality of the fruit according to the standards set out in the contract.
Incorporating instructions and supervision of workers to select and prepare fruit according to set standards. In addition, it is also necessary to regularly check the packing process and the weight of the box must meet the standards.
Fruit is rated according to 5 factors:
    1. Fruit color.
    2. Fruit weight.
    3. Age
    4. Sharp scratches.
    5. The length of the stem (depending on the type of fruit).


To achieve over 95% post-harvest yields, contact us today. In addition, we also process fruit for export with safe organic methods

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