In 2019, Huu Tam LLC began to research and produce products from algae. Known for its versatile role in all fields, Algae is an excellent product in: Pharmaceutical and beauty care, Functional food, Animal and aquaculture feed, Organic fertiliser biomechanics.

Up to now, Huu Tam has launched 03 fertilisers corresponding to each stage of crops and rice: rooting, growth and fruit formation, licensed for circulation by the Ministry of Agriculture. This is a strategic product for sustainable development of Huu Tam with the vision of developing high-quality products for people, livestock and plants with many “optimal” benefits, multi-use and popular in the world.

Huu Tam is the exclusive unit of Spirulina raw material for the fertiliser and aquafeed industry in Vietnam, including:


  • Create products including 03 types of fertilisers: roots, nutrients & fruits.
  • Result: from 2019 – 2020: sold 14,000 litres to the market
    • Root stimulant nutrition
    • Vegetable nutrition
    • Super nutrition super growth
    • Super nourishing
    • Super big seeds
    • Big left – Left ball

Animal feed:

  • Released and in testing process
  • Cooperating with Da Lat Nuclear Institute.


In order to ensure the strategy of developing the value of its products, Huu Tam always focuses on fertilizer inputs to ensure good quality and reasonable prices for farmers.

In 2016, Huu Tam contributed capital to establish earthworm in Cu Chi with an annual scale of 3,600 tons of vermicompost and 40,000 liters of earthworm extraction in Cu Chi.

With guaranteed quality, Huu Tam aims to build a chain of sustainable agricultural solutions for its own farm and the Vietnamese farmer community.